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Pine Oil 85
Category: Pine Oil

Pine Oil 85

Chemical Name :Pine Oil
CAS No. :8000-41-7 / 8002-09-3
EINECS No. :232-268-1
FEMA No. :3045
Mol. Formula :C10H18O & C10H16
Mol. Weight :154.29
Tariff No. :3805 90 90
Tenacity :16 Hr
Usage Level :Upto 30%
Olfactive Note :Pleasant, Piney Smell,smooth
Packaging :Galvanized drums, HDPE Barrels, IBC`s
Pack Size :185 kgs, 850 kgs IBC or 20 MT ISO Tanks
Transport Info :DG Class: 3; UN 1993; PG III;
Shelf Life :NA
Visual AppearanceNA
Colour (Gardner Scale)Max. 1.0
Density ( gm/ml ) @ 25°C0.920 - 0.930
Refractive Index @ 20°C1.4790 - 1.4890
SolubilityWater solubility: ≈2847mg/L at 20°C
Boiling Point170 − 225 °C
Flash Point (TCC)80 − 88°C
Typical GLC PurityTotal Alcohol Content : Min. 85%
Acid ValueNot more than 1.0

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  • mainly applied in the production of household detergent, industrial cleaner, high quality ink and paint solvent owing to its pleasant pine smell, notable antimicrobial power and excellent solvency, low concentration ones can be used as foaming agent in ore flotation
  • is a  disinfectant. It is generally effective against numerous bacterial strains and enveloped viruses. Pine oil is not generally effective against non-enveloped viruses or spores
  • will kill the causative agents of typhoid, gastroenteritis, rabies, enteric fever, cholera, several forms of meningitis, whooping cough, gonorrhea and several types of dysentery. Pine oil is also effective against several of the leading causes of food poisoning

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