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Dihydromyrcenol 99%
Category: Dihydromyrcenol

Dihydromyrcenol 99%

Chemical Name :2,6-dimethyl-7-octen-2-ol
CAS No. :18479-58-8
EINECS No. :242-362-4
Synonym :Myrcetol
Mol. Formula :C10H20O
Mol. Weight :156.27
Tariff No. :2905 22 90
Tenacity :12 hrs.
Usage Level :Up to 40%
Application :Used in various type fragrances.
Olfactive Note :Fresh, lime-like, floral, sweet
Packaging :Lacquer lined drum, good quality galvanized iron drums, aluminium cans etc
Pack Size :IBC`s, 175.0 Kgs, 25.0 Kgs, 5.0 Kgs . (Bulk ISO Tank transportation facility available on request)
Transport Info :No restriction
Shelf Life :2 years
Visual AppearanceClear colourless liquid
Colour (Gardner Scale)Max. 1.0
Density ( gm/ml ) @ 25°C0.830 ~ 0.840
Refractive Index @ 20°C1.4400 ~ 1.4428
SolubilitySoluble in 1 in 4 Vol. in 70% alcohol
Boiling Point192° C @ 760 mm of Hg
Flash Point (TCC)76°C (TCC)
Typical GLC PurityMin. 99.0%
Acid ValueNot more than 1.0
Vapor pressure Hg @ 20°C0.2mm of Hg @ 20°C

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